By | December 31, 2011
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Crossword is one of the best Kindle Fire apps for games and crossword puzzles, at a price of $0.99 for download directly from your Kindle Fire at the AppStore.

Here at, we concentrate on the best PAID apps currently available, those that at least cost $0.01 or more to purchase.

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  • Play 200 new, professionally set crossword puzzles
  • Enjoy the well-designed interface, including zooming grid
  • Choose standard puzzle view or clue list view
  • Make use of answer checking, which highlights any mistakes
  • Cheat if you’re stuck by revealing a letter, a word, or the whole puzzle

The app Crossword brings you 200 professional crosswords to keep you busy during coffee break. The crossword grid is displayed in full, but a clue list view is available, for ease. The interface is attractive and intuitive, ensuring that any frustration you have is only at not being able to figure out the answer to a clue.You can do the puzzles in any order, and the app saves your progress, so you can come back to a puzzle later. A zooming grid pops up if your device doesn’t have a keyboard. Answer checking is available, which highlights incorrect letters without telling you the correct answer. If you get really stuck, you can reveal answers–a letter at a time, a whole word, or simply the entire puzzle.Whether you’re on break, commuting, or just looking for something stimulating to do, Crossword provides engaging, casual-level crossword puzzles suitable for everyone.
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