By | November 20, 2011
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EasyTether app, at $9.99, is one of the best Kindle Fire apps around for streaming data and tethering devices. If you’re looking to stream data between devices, this is one check out!

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EasyTether shares your Android smartphone connection with your PC. This handy app from Mobile Stream allows you to tether your Android to a desktop or notebook computer. EasyTether uses exactly the same data plan that you already use for your on-phone internet access, and your USB connection ensures a fast transfer speed. Access your built-in browser, e-mail, and YouTube applications with no additional tethering or broadband fees.

Compatible Across Platforms

EasyTether works with all carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. This app supports Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu operating systems. While you’re tethering your Android phone to your PC, you will also appreciate the tethering capabilities for your PS3, XBox 360, or Wii via Windows Internet Connection Sharing. The app’s UDP support for games extends to L2TP VPN and some IM apps, as well.


Easy Setup Process

Unlike other apps that touch your phone at the system level, EasyTether does not require rooting, which is great news for AT&T customers as well as everyone else, since you save the time, extra downloading, and complications associated with rooting a phone. This app only uses official, certified APIs to protect your phone’s security. Just follow the on-screen instructions, make sure your computer has your phone’s latest driver, and if you have any questions, one click sends you through to your answers in the developer’s detailed FAQ.
Smart Connection Solution

Whether an emergency requires immediate internet access or data transfer, you don’t have access to a strong WiFi connection, or you simply want to avoid the high cost of wireless broadband, using your 3G or 4G coverage by tethering your phone saves you time and frustration. When you use hotel WiFi services, your internet connection often slows to a crawl, and simple transfers that should require mere seconds may take several minutes.

One license is tied to one phone, so you may install the computer-side software on as many computer systems as you need. The easiest way to setup another computer for EasyTether is to re-run the setup wizard in the smartphone-side application. EasyTether frees your netbook, laptop, or desktop computer while you wait at the airport or take a road trip, and it may save you between $30 and $70 per month in broadband charges wherever you need to access an internet connection.

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