Learn Elementary Sight Words

By | January 1, 2012
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Learn Elementary Sight Words is one of the best Kindle Fire apps for learning words, vocabulary and education for kids, at a price of $0.99 for download directly from your Kindle Fire at the Amazon.com AppStore.

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  • Kid-tested “sight word” reading instruction system
  • 400 of the most commonly-used English words
  • 5 grade levels: kindergarten through fourth grade
  • Audio pronunciation option
  • Customizable audio and graphics

Learn Elementary Sight Words uses a kid-tested system of words, pictures, and audio to teach reading, writing, and spelling skills. The app features a list of the 400 most commonly-written English words. Based on Dr. Edward B. Fry’s popular “sight words” list, this basic vocabulary provides an excellent head start for kids’ reading and comprehension. The app divides all 400 sight words into five grade levels (kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, and fourth grade), according to the word’s difficulty and frequency of use.
Words appear in a large-font, easy-to-read format, and a single large navigation button makes it easy to move from word to word and back. Cute graphics and sound effects communicate meaning and keep your child engaged. You can choose from four different background themes: duck, giraffe, parrot, and chicken. Optional speaking audio plays words aloud to reinforce memory and model pronunciation. You can configure the audio to play when word first appears on screen, or when you or your child touches the word on screen.
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