Mighty Grocery Shopping List

By | December 5, 2011
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Mighty Grocery Shopping List is one of the best Kindle Fire apps for tracking groceries and shopping lists, at a price of $3.99 for download directly from your Kindle Fire at the Amazon.com AppStore.

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  • Create detailed, customizable grocery lists
  • Save multiple lists and backup on Cloud
  • Arrange by isle and build master lists
  • Learn about the system with a video tutorial
  • Scan barcodes, store recipes, and so much more


Now, what was I supposed to get at the grocery store? Do we still have eggs? Which isle are the olives in? How much cheese did we need? Argh, I forgot my wallet.

Can’t forget the cheese
Just default to your Master list
Don’t Forget to Eat

Mighty Grocery Shopping List is so much more than a grocery list app. This is an incredibly powerful, highly customizable, full-featured grocery manager that you will use all the time. It does everything short of cooking you dinner.

As for its extensive features, it allows for multiple lists, master lists, and full customization. It accounts for price, quantity, and taxes. It has a coupon indicator, aisle customization, intelligent voice recognition, Favorites lists, an accessible history, and a catalog of preset items. It even syncs with other lists, backs up to the Cloud, scans barcodes, and stores recipes.

The app streamlines your grocery experience, taking all the work out of it. You’ll now always have your grocery list and key recipes with you, saving you time and effort. It turns your shopping experience into the model of efficiency. And new features are on the way, such as web UI, search, support for other languages, and more.

You’ll wonder how you ever got on with the groceries before this app.

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