By | January 1, 2012
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Peggle is one of the best Kindle Fire apps for games and entertainment, at a price of $1.99 a popular download directly from your Kindle Fire at the AppStore.

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Peggle – Features

  • Master 55 levels and 40 Grand Master challenges
  • Discover your powers and develop precision in Adventure mode
  • Pick your level in Quick Play or Challenge mode, or take on your friends and family in Duel Mode
  • Fine-tune your aim for masterful shots; save and replay your memorable moments
  • Use cool style shots–such as Off the Wall, Double Long Shot, and Extreme Slides–to rack up more bonus points

Exclusive Launch at the Amazon Appstore for Android
Please note: Peggle requires a Wi-Fi connection to download

Do you have what it takes to be a Peggle Master? Shoot and clear all the orange pegs in this peg-busting, critically acclaimed game, now fully optimized for Android devices. You’ll reach Extreme Fever as 10 outlandish Masters help you achieve Peggle greatness. Take your best shot, conquer 55 levels, and wield 10 magic powers in Adventure mode–and the fun is just getting started.

Shoot and slide your way to Peggle Mastery
Catch the Fever

Whenever a ball hits a peg, it bounces away in the opposite direction at the same angle. Double-tap the screen to zoom in and fine-tune your shots for perfect aim, then fire! When you hit a peg, it disappears as soon as the ball falls out of play.

Access your gameplay options at any time from any level, and switch from right- to left-handed control. The cleverly designed colorblindness setting–which adds a triangle on the green pegs and a plus sign on the purple pegs–is a compelling and useful feature for all players, as a quick glance gives you a Zen-like grasp of a level’s most important pegs (just ask Master Hu).

Helpful Tips from the PopCap Team:
  • Try to hit the purple pegs in as many of your shots as possible (they’re 50 times more valuable than the blue pegs)
  • Clear all the pegs on the board to guarantee 100,000 points
  • If the going gets tough, hit one peg at a time and land each shot in the Free Ball Bucket
These Grand Masters have got you pegged
Meet the Masters

If you’ve made it through Adventure mode, congratulations–you’re a Peggle Master. But there’s a lot more Peggle to play. To succeed in dueling and beat the 40 Grand Master Challenges, you’ll need to summon all the strategies and skills you’ve learned along the way and choose the most helpful master.

Are there a lot of tricky pegs? Are there lots of obstacles to maneuver around? Are the pegs evenly distributed? Are the pegs clustered close together? To choose a master, take a look at the level and decide on its most challenging aspect. Remember, there’s no timer, so there’s no need to rush. Think through your options, make a plan, and fire when ready.

It’s a compelling blend of luck and skill that calls one of the “Top 5 most addictive video games of all time!” Deceptively simple, unbelievably fun, Peggle’s a game you can’t put down. But with Amazon’s exclusive launch for Android phones, you can play Peggle wherever you go.

Awards and Accolades
Winner: Action & Arcade Game of the Year – Zeeby Awards
Editor’s Choice: PC Casual Game of the Year –
Editor’s Choice: 5 out of 5 Stars –
Editor’s Pick: 5 out of 5 Stars – Software.Informer
Top Ten Video Games of 2007: Games For Windows Magazine &
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