By | December 29, 2011
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Scrabble is one of the best Kindle Fire apps for games and entertainment, at a price of $0.99, a popular download directly from your Kindle Fire at the AppStore.

Here at, we concentrate on the best PAID apps currently available, those that at least cost $0.01 or more to purchase.

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Scrabble – Features

  • Connect with your friends and play SCRABBLE online
  • Play up to 50 games at the same time
  • Includes dictionary and Teacher feature
  • Tracks your stats
  • Chat with your opponents during games

Who’s up for some SCRABBLE?
Yes, you really can actually play 50 games at the same time
It’s easy to find someone to play
Not sure on a word? Look it up the easy way.

Game Alert: In response to customer feedback, a single-player (AI) option has been added to SCRABBLE via a free update.

You might as well admit it: You are a SCRABBLE addict. If you’re not playing IRL (In Real Life) or on Facebook, you’re probably doing so on your phone or Kindle Fire. Well, SCRABBLE for Android is here in an exclusive app for the Fire. It’s game on!

Always Get a Game

Now you don’t have to wait until you are in front of a computer or your son finishes his homework to show off your amazing SCRABBLE skills. Just fire up this high-quality app from Electronic Arts and you’re in SCRABBLE Heaven. Of course, you can always take on someone in the flesh using the two-person Pass ‘N Play mode. But online there are millions of challengers out there–some of whom you probably already know. Play anyone from around the corner to across the country with this app.

Even though you will be playing SCRABBLE on your Kindle Fire, you can take on against anyone else, no matter what device they are using (as long as they have the app). Go ahead and challenge your sister, the iPhone freak. Connect your SCRABBLE account with Facebook and play your current games on that site right from your device. Now you literally have no excuse when someone wants to challenge you to a game–if they even dare.

Find a Friend, Then Play

It’s easy to find friends who are playing SCRABBLE online. Connect and play via user name, e-mail address, or even send an invitation using your Android contact list. Post invitations to play via Facebook and e-mail, too!

Up to Fifty (Count ‘em) Games at Once

Why stop at just one? With this turn-based SCRABBLE app, you can have up to 50 different games going at the same time. As in five-zero. That’s a little bit obsessive, but hey–this is SCRABBLE we’re talking about. It’s only the greatest word game ever invented.

You Can Look It Up

It’s generally acceptable in online SCRABBLE to look up words as you play (although not everyone would probably agree). So the app includes a built-in dictionary feature. Want to know if AGIO is a word? How about NOPAL? If you check the dictionary you’ll see that both are acceptable in SCRABBLE. Go ahead and play them!

Learn as You Go With the Teacher Feature

Playing SCRABBLE for Android is pretty much like playing online (and, let’s face it, even better than real life). In addition to the standard gameplay, this app includes a Teacher feature that shows you what your best move was after you’ve completed your turn. This nifty tool really helps you become a better player and actually teaches you new words as you play.

Talk a Good Game

Feel like doing a little trash talking with your opponent during the game? No problem. This app allows you to chat with your rival while you play. And when you’re not playing, you’ll receive notifications when a game is created, when it’s your turn in a game, or when a game ends.

Do the Numbers

Of course the game tabulates your score for you (no more pen and paper, and goodbye addition errors!) At end of the game, check out the highest-scoring word and other personal stats. See how your play improves as you learn more words and strategy, on your way to becoming a SCRABBLE master.

Remember, there is really no point to cheating in online SCRABBLE (with anagram apps, for example). It’s all for fun, and that’s what you’ll have with the official SCRABBLE app for Android.

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