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By | January 1, 2012
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Word Help For Friends is one of the best Kindle Fire apps for word games and entertainment, at a price of $0.99, a popular download directly from your Kindle Fire at the Amazon.com AppStore.

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Word Help For Friends – Features

  • Find the highest possible word when playing Words With Friends
  • Ensure that each word you generate is valid with this superior dictionary
  • Tap on any of the words to bring up the definition

Search type: anywhere

Need some help when it comes to playing your favorite word game? Word Help With Friends was designed to help you get the best possible words while playing Words With Friends. Unlike many other word generators, Word Help With Friends uses the actual dictionary from Words With Friends to ensure that all results returned will be valid words. This app will help you get the highest score possible, for your rack, every single time.

Multiple Word Search Options

In addition to having one of the best dictionaries of any word generation apps for Android, Word Help With Friends also uses the biggest variety of searching algorithms out there. Is there a Z on the board that you really want to use? Try the “Anywhere” search type to make sure you can use it. Is there a triple word score tile available–if you can make a 6-letter word that starts with S? Try the “Prefix” search type. Maybe the only way to make a word on your current board is if the first letter is an A and the fourth letter is a W. Use the advanced “Board matching” search type to solve your problem. For more information about how to use these search types, click on the help button within the app.


For those worried about being accused of cheating, clicking on any of the words generated by Word Help With Friends will bring up their definition. Everyone knows it isn’t cheating if you know the definition–right?

Words with Friends

There is also a quick switch feature that allows you to go back and forth between Words With Friends and getting help. Whenever the “Switch to Words With Friends” button is clicked, a notification goes into that status bar that lets you quickly come back to get help with your next rack.

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